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handybaby handy baby in 618 exhibition-利来w66

in june 18, 2015, 618 exhibition was held at chengdu as schedule, all the agent was prepared well for it and wanted to make a big noise at exhibition. in the day, there are  a lot of people and quite noisy. several people from jmd take two hundred of handy baby auto key programmer attended the exhibition, and catches the eyes of exhibitors.

     most of the exhibits are mechanical lock.  handy baby has a small size and easy to carry out, it looks defferently from others, and many agents were really interested in it. many people come to the table and asked the information about handy baby, one thing shocked me is that a agent bought 100 hundred handy baby before exhibition began.

most of the auto key programmer on the market have a huge body or simple funtions and in high prices, and most of them need to carry a copy box or external power supply,

thus, handy baby with a small size, multi-funtion, easy to operate and lower price makes it popular amang locksmiths.

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